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Our personal and corporate clients commission our services for a variety of reasons. Our Investigators are former police detectives with a proven investigative ability and have passed The National CID Foundation Course.

Some examples of where we can help include:

  • People Tracing –  We have many years experience in finding people who don't wish to be found. Let us help you.
  • Asset tracing – Identifying a debtor’s assets to inform litigation decisions.
  • Due Diligence / Commercial Intelligence – To manage risk you must first identify it. We can “lift the veil” and uncover the true picture.
  • Errant partners – We have dispelled clients’ fears as well in other cases providing indisputable evidence confirming infidelity.
  • Sickness Absence - we gather the necessary evidence in the cases where employee sickness is not genuine.
  • Theft – Let us deploy the correct interventions to stop theft and find those responsible. 
  • Employee Screening – We have carried out hundreds of screenings for our clients, enabling them to filter out applicants unsuitable for reasons including poor work ethic, integrity issues and incompatible views on equality and diversity. Placing such individuals in the work place can have devastating consequences in terms of staff morale, sickness/absence, productivity and financial cost to remedy the situation.
  • Fraud – We have helped our clients uncover fraud as well as providing evidence against those responsible.
  • Electronic Counter Measures – Commonly known as “de-bugging” or “sweeping,” protecting confidential conversations in a board room or other venue is critical to safeguarding business intelligence. Our operators have been trained to the highest standards and whose previous roles have provided years of experience.

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